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Spa Packages include :

Basic Groom

Bath using proper shampoo for pets skin & coat condition, fluff dryed, ears plucked & cleaned, nails trimmed & buffed, anals expressed if needed, and sanitary trimmed

Tidy Groom

All of the above plus trimming face, feet, and, tail

Deluxe Groom

All of the above plus a complete haircut of your choice

We complete all grooms with cologne & bows or a bandana

Ala Carte Services:

Teeth Brushing.......$5.00

Nail Trimming.........$10.00 all size dogs Price will be slightly higher for difficult dogs

Ear cleaning.........$5.00

Routine grooming helps keep your pets skin and coat healthy and can help prevent skin problems and painful matting.

We offer de-shedding treatments for all double coated breeds. Special deshedding shampoo and conditioner along with a thorough furminating. It cuts down on shedding by 80-90% if performed regularly. A much better alternative to shaving.

We have a large walk in shower for the X large breeds and elderly pets for their comfort




Spa Add Ons:

  • nail pawlishing
  • blueberry facial
  • luxury conditioning shampoo & hot oil treatment
  • feather extensions
  • color accents

Gigi's Grooming
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