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Gigi's Pet Spa &
K-9 Enrichment Center
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     From 8 weeks old, our furry friends learn with every waking moment. Every experience in their life teaches them something. At the K-9 Enrichment Center, we can show you how to use these every experiences to better build trust, love, and admiration between you and your canine companion. We know they learn with their eyes before their ears. Making hand signals more effective than verbal ques in the beginning. Teaching them how to make the right choices on their own. We understand how their furry little brains work. And we are here to pass that knowledge onto you!


Whether your dog needs some manners and life skills (more commonly known as obedience), potty training, reactive, or shy dog work; you’ve come to the right place! Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun one on one play experience! We have platforms, jumps, and even tunnels for some agility fun! 

Agility is a great way to sharpen obedience while exercising your dog's mind and body. Not to mention the fun you’ll have! Plus, the benefits of this relationship building experience between you and your fur-child is endless!

Private Lessons: $75 per session (4 Sessions for $250)
Private Play Session: $40 per hour ($25 for 30 min.)

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Gigi's Pet Spa & Enrichment Center
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