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Ala Carte Services:

Teeth Brushing.......$5.00

Nail Trimming.........$10.00 all size dogs Price will be slightly higher for difficult dogs

Ear cleaning.........$5.00


To ensure a harmonious environment for all involved, there are some strict rules we must enforce. Gigi's Pet Spa is a safe & successful salon because of these guidelines. All clients are asked to follow these rules:

Please walk your dog before entering the salon. We do not do potty breaks. Your pets safety is our main concern. You must leave a valid contact number & please wait to be called. (pets do not sit still once their owner arrives. A wiggling dog is an extremely difficult dog to groom).

Our safety gate is not to be opened at any time

If you cannot make your appointment please call to cancel or reschedule, preferably 24 hrs. in advance although we do understand that emergencies happen. We work on daily appointments. If you miss your appointment we have lost business for the day and a spot for someone else. After 3 no shows you will be required to prepay for your next appointment.

We accept cash & checks only. Any returned ckecks will put you on a cash only basis.

We will only demat your pet if the matting is minor. We do charge extra for dematting. We will not demat an extremely matted pet. It can be very painful and cause a lot of skin irritation.

We ask that you pick up your pet promptly when we call. We do not let our pets run free through the salon due to sanitary and saftey issues. If you need to leave your pet for the day daycare services and charges will apply.

Please let us know when making your appointment if your pet is matted or extremely anxious so we can allow more time for your pet. Our goal is to make your pet feel as stress free as possible.

Any dog or cat entering the salon with fleas or ticks will be treated and owner will be charged for treatment.

We do reserve the right to refuse service to aggressive or extremely unruly pets.

Gigi's Grooming
3816 Chiquita Blvd
Cape Coral, FL 33914
Phone: 239-540-3194